Dodgers Accelerator graduated these five startups

The second season of the L.A. Dodgers Accelerator played out a bit differently from the first.

Five startups participated this year instead of 10. The demo day was held at Cross Campus in downtown Los Angeles rather than at Dodger Stadium.

And with a focus on growth-stage companies, the 2016 class graduated with collaborative partnerships with each other and program partners in place.

The accelerator offered participating startups in-depth engagement with Dodgers’ leadership, business units and industry networks, as well as strategic, marketing, branding, design and technology services from digital agency R/GA Ventures, which operates and supports the program.

This year, the model evolved to focus on business development and partnerships by matching companies with strategic partners during the selection process.

To that end, three of the startups and a couple of program partners announced that they’ll be collaborating on a pilot, combining Keemotion’s autonomous video capture, ShotTracker’s real-time on-court analysis, and WSC’s automated highlight creation tool with computer vision capabilities from Intel and Fox Sports’ content distribution network for fans of NAIA basketball.

The project aims to demonstrate the possibilities for sports media creation and distribution with little to no human intervention while incorporating player performance data and statistics that create a new level of fan engagement.

“Each of the five companies have experienced phenomenal growth during the course of the accelerator and formed partnerships that will take them to the next level,” Dodgers CFO Tucker Kain said in a statement. “Facilitating in-program collaborations across multiple companies and our partners is proof of the power of our approach.”

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